Money-Saving Apps That Do The Work For You

money saving apps

Here’s a list of my favourite money-saving apps that do the penny pinching for you. Save without even realising you’re saving. Nice, huh?


Chip is an automatic save bot that monitors your spending. It calculates your income and outgoings and calculates how much you can afford to save every few days. After that, it puts the money away without you having to do a thing, and when you’re ready, you can withdraw it all as a lump sum into your bank account. No minimum withdrawal limit.


You can save money into separate ‘pots’ which is handy to keep an eye on your savings. Plus, they offer real-time notifications and the ability to freeze your card at any time. If you want, you can also round up the cost of each purchase you make, with the difference put aside in your savings.


With CheckoutSmart, all you do is claim cashback on what you buy. Take a photo of your receipt, submit it on the app, and boom – cashback via BACs or PayPal in no time.


One thing I always make sure to do is use Google to find a voucher code before I make an online purchase. It can be time consuming though, when all you want to do is click ‘pay’. Vouchercloud is a simple app that collates the best deals and vouchers for you, so you don’t have to put in too much effort.

Big Oven

Save money on meals with Big Oven. The ‘leftovers’ function lets you input whichever ingredients you have around the house, and tells you what you can do with them. No food waste, no money waste either.

Let me know how you get on with these money saving apps!

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