The Best Survey Sites for Making Money Fast

Best survey sites for making money fast

Taking online surveys is a great way to make money quickly, and luckily for you there are lots of fantastic survey sites out there. Check out this list of the best survey sites for making money fast!

Populus Live

They generally pay £1 for every five minutes spent working on their surveys, which means most of the surveys pay out £2-4. When you pay out, you’ll get £50 via cheque or BACs, and they’re extremely reliable. You won’t always qualify for each survey but it’s still worth a try.


Prolific specialises in academic surveys from universities, and pay varies from 10p to £10 per survey. The surveys are different from those found on other sites due to their academic themes, so you’re always guaranteed to get something interesting. With Prolific, you will always qualify for every survey, and you can pay out at just £5.


Pure Profile only has 2-3 surveys a day, but the good thing is they pay 75p+ per survey, and you still get a portion of the cash even if you don’t qualify for the survey.


OnePoll specialises in mini surveys that don’t take long to complete, ranging in payment from 10p-30p per survey. Due to the length of the surveys, cash builds up quickly and you can pay out once you get to £40.


This site doesn’t have surveys as often as the rest, but each survey pays around £1, and even if you don’t qualify they’ll give you 10p. You only have to build up £10 before you can withdraw, and the surveys are usually about supermarket shopping.


Survey payments varies from 10p upwards, and there are surveys most days about all sorts of topics, including special studies, some of which can pay £100. Pay out is at £20 and it doesn’t take too long to get there.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is almost a secret. To become a member, you have to see the banner ad, which could be on a variety of websites, and you have to join there and then. Surveys aren’t frequent, but each pays £3 and they tend to be about new product concepts. You can cash out through PayPal or exchange for vouchers and other goods, but you must do the surveys or you’ll be kicked out. It’s a great string to add to your bow if you can find it!

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  1. I used Onepoll for a while but it was taking forever and got frustrated at being booted off of surveys half way through. Maybe I should persevere more.

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