Which Supermarkets Pay Workers the Best Wage?

Which supermarkets pay workers the best wage?

I would say most of us have worked in retail at some point during our lives. Working in a supermarket is a great place to start and has lots of transferable skills. But which supermarket pays its workers the best? Don’t waste time applying for a job that won’t pay you a wage you can live on; check below to see how much Britain’s supermarkets pay their workers.


According to Glassdoor, Tesco employees receive a base pay of £9 per hour along with a 10% discount. They also get a decent yearly bonus that fluctuates with levels of trade.


Base pay for a Sainsbury’s employee is £9.20 per hour, with opportunity for higher pay if trained in other departments. Plus, their yearly bonus tends to be more (based on 2020) and discount is a much nicer 15%.

Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose pays employees an average of £8.66 p/h, but with discount of 20% at W&P and 25% at John Lewis. Like most supermarkets, they get a bonus that depends on profit, and there’s opportunity for higher pay depending on performance.


Aldi pays an average of £9.54 p/h, but according to employees, the pace demanded of them isn’t always worth it. With goals such as scanning a minimum of 1,000 items in an hour, Aldi doesn’t offer a discount or bonus.


Lidl pays an average of £9 per hour to its employees. There’s also a 10% bonus that works out pretty well due to Lidl’s cheap products.

Marks and Spencer

M&S workers receive on average £8.63 per hour, but this can go up to £11.34 depending on experience. Employees also get 20% off, much like Waitrose & Partners.


Perhaps surprisingly, base pay for an Asda employee is said to be £9.18 per hour, with a 20% staff discount.

Hourly pay differs across the country and is believed to be correct at the time of publication. Figures used in this article are based on day shifts only.

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