I’m Miss Money Guru and I’m here to help you make money, save money, and fund the lifestyle you want. I grew up on a council estate with little money for food, forgoing university due to a fear of debt that I couldn’t imagine ever being able to pay back. However, this upbringing taught me how to be good with money, and now I’m turning things around. Whether you want to diversify your income so you can reduce your hours in the office, or you just want some extra cash for treats — together, we can make it happen. Want to save and make your future financially secure? We can do that too – I did!

Do you really have to work hard to play hard? There are lots of ways to make money from your sofa. Scratch that — there are ways to make money in your sleep (hallelujah for passive income!) I hope I can teach you all of this and more.

Click here for all of my expert guidance on making money, or click here for my top tips on how to save, and let’s make a start investing in you. The biggest mistake you can make right now is delaying making the changes that will wildly improve your life.

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